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Cure your Pimple!

Hi everyone!

Articles about pimple is wide widespread. But, have these articles help you healing your pimples?
I am pretty sure most of us have suffered pimples once before and yet there are many people are still suffering pimples with no cure!
Today I would like to share with everyone of my readers regarding my experience fighting vulgar acnes. Pimple, zit or spot is a kind of acne. I am personally a vulgar acne patient and I do understand the feeling how ''disgusting'' acne is. Definitely having this vulgar acne is frustrating and give me significant emotional distress. Even though acne is not a major health treat, it would gives you permanent SCARS if not treated well. However, I have solution to reduce scars in my next article. 

Here are some pictures of mine having vulgar acne and after cured.




Talking about finding cure of acne, it is important to know how acne is developed. The process of pimple has taken at least 2 weeks earlier before it appears on the skin surface. The steps of acne formation is as below:-

  1. Increase sensitivity of oil glands leads to over-production of sebum (oil) due to imbalance of androgen hormone.
  2. Then, micro-comedone (black/white heads) is developed due to irregular skin formation in pore and dilated the pore.
  3. The future dilated pore is then blocked and caused the sebum to clog. Then Propionibacterium acnes (P.acnes) bacteria came infect the blocked pore because these bacteria feed sebum.
  4. Next, white blood cells accumulated and caused inflammation. In other words, the pimple is popped out!

What are the needed medicines?

Back to the topic on how to heal your pimples, there are several ways to treat them. Different physicians will use different methods depending on the patients' severity. These are some ways of many physicians practised:-
(i) Topical antibiotics
(ii)  Benzoyl Peroxides
(iii)  prescribing oral antibiotic i.e Bactrim for months
(iv) Hormonal treatment
(v) Topical retinoid i.e Retin-A
(vi) Oral Retinoids
(vii) Anti-inflammatory drugs
and many mores..

Unfortunately, some of these treatments are very high-cost! 

So, the effective yet cheaper way to treat acne, I do recommend the combination of Benzoyl Peroxide and topical antibiotic. This mixture works perfectly in killing the P.acnes bacteria. This Bacteria is the major cause of the acne's formation. As simple as it is, when there is no bacteria thus, there will be no acne formed!

Where to find these drugs??

In Malaysia, Benzoyl peroxide is sell in any chain pharmacy like Guardian and Watson or any drug stores.
There are many commercial products have used this ingredient into their formula. For example OXY5 (5%) or OXY10 (10%). They comes in different concentrations. For the beginner, it is advisable to start from low concentration of 5% benzoyl peroxide. If you find 5% concentration does not work on your pimples, then only you can switch to the 10% concentration. Be sure to read carefully the instruction before apply it to your acne sites. These drugs only cost you below then RM10!!

Meanwhile, topical antibiotic is a controlled drug (poison). This means that this drug only can be found in the pharmacy counter of the drug store. Usually, many products are using clyndamycin as the active ingredient of this topical antibiotic. In Malaysia, for instance Dalacin-T is the best topical clyndamycin you can find. This drug will cost you below than RM40!

So, how to use these products?

Firstly, I would like to highlight that we need to mix up this product as I mentioned earlier. After cleaning your face, apply topical antibiotic first onto the acne area then followed by benzoyl peroxide. Use them in sufficient amount and avoid excessive usage as this will irritant your skin. Apply these 2 times daily, one in the morning and another one at night.

Thank you for reading.
So.. is this post is helping?? Do let me know :)

Good Luck!! 

With Love,
AdibahMazlan =)

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Adibah Mazlan. I shall take this introduction part to brief about myself. I am science stream student for 10 years and now pursuing my study in pharmaceutical field. I love to update myself regarding health and beauty. Beauty is something subjective to be described. It depends individually on how they define beauty itself. Beauty is not necessarily to be shown physically but the most important is to have beauty deep inside of your heart. So, having beauty on both internally and externally is a good package of a soul. Besides, attaining beauty in the healthy way is of course the most preferable path. 

I love to share my knowledge and experience with everyone. Indeed I don't know everything but I am willing to learn with an open heart. I hope this blog site be a pit stop where we can learn and share knowledge together. 

With Love,
Adibah Mazlan =)
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